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Reeled Scrap Pipe Cutter
2"-6" Pipe

NEWEST Plastic Pipe Recycling System:

Proudly assembled in the USA, Boden Specialty Services is offering fully automated “safe handling” plastic pipe cutting systems for reeled scrap plastic pipe up to 6” IPS DR11; specified minimum cut rates up to 4 CPM at 36” scrap length. 


We have successfully validated production installations of both coil and stick cutting systems, configured for indoor/outdoor use.  Custom applications are welcomed.


UPDATE: the most challenging “cold temperature” cut trials have been successfully completed resulting in our latest “proven” blade design.


Integrated Reeled Scrap Pipe Pay-Off and NEW Compact Cutter for up to 6” IPS DR11 nominal diameter HDPE Pipe.

Deposit cut scrap lengths to transfer container or direct feed to customer shredder conveyor.

Full Scrap Pipe Reduction Services Offered:

  1. Manufacture and supply pipe cutter to suit customer specifications.

  2. Rent or lease on-site system for customer use.

  3. Provide on-site scrap reduction system and labor.

  4. Receive unused customer pipe on reels for in-house recycling and regrind return to manufacturer.  All empty reels returned for reuse.


RCTR SERIES: REELED Scrap Pipe Cutter (2"-6" Pipe)

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